alistairss said: i think the most noticeable thing about your art style are the expressions, and also the soft detail. like, you don't paint harshly, and your shading is so soft and flawless. also, your lineart, especially with your sketches. i LOVE IT. also, your noses. (idc if i'm ur best boob i get to say this anyway)

FLO I LOVE U SO MUCH THANK U ;__; tbh expressions surprised me.. i am so stalemon them but i am try…

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i could take over the world with these tights

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what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



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blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow
in their blood the maker’s will is written.
- canticle of benedictions.

the first in a triptych that i’m doing on the three dragon age games so far (with inquisition still coming). i got a little impatient and finished the one for dragon age 2!

my goal was to portray my player character(s) in the in-universe style with my own spin on it to figure out how their fellow thedosians, and especially the chantry, might portray them for history.

origins and inquisiton forthcoming! i’ll probably post those when i do the entire triptych layout too but hey i finished this one already

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A few of my friends could use this. Me, too, now and again.

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Some of the Dragon Age: Inquisition origin stories.

(for each race the only difference in the language is between the melee and mage classes)

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Anonymous said: Your ocs give me life

tbh asks like this give ME life. .. thank u so much anon.. gosh im just flabbergasted, my OCs r just lil gay babies im so flattered anyone would take notice of them °A° THANK U!!!!!

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adrienne-nastz said: your art is amazing *w* keep it up!!

ahhh thank u!!!! i will do my best!! *v*

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Anonymous said: You're so kind!! I completely forgot to say thank you for taking the time to respond to me. You've really helped so much. I'm watching the videos now and wow, you're right! Simple shapes are so important! Once I've absorbed this information and feel a bit more confident in my work I'll come off of anon and send you something I'm working on. It really does mean so much to me that you've helped me. You're honestly my favorite artist and I can't thank you enough!!

ooOOHHH GOSH IM SO BAD W NICE STUFF LIKE THIS keyboard smashing does not do my happPINESS JUSTICE BUT THANK U UEUSJHE and it’s no problem!!! im happy to help in any way i can ; u; i so look forward to it i cant wait!!!!

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Pikachu looks like that friend that gets way too high and Ash gotta rush him to McDonalds 

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*pulls a coin out from behind your ear* *gets taken to the circle by templars*

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WAERSTRDHVYBJNKM.AWSERDFTBHJNKMJYTFYR. This is what Im talking about when I say double standard thing. weh. I mean, sure, he broke the law, he deserves to go to jail, or face up to his crime, but really. Imagine if this was a woman. A woman tried to rob a store, and then got the shit beaten out of her and used as a sex slave for 3 days as her punishment by the owner of said store. IT WOULDNT BE FUNNY. PEOPLE WOULD FLIP. SHIT.

Mainly, what Im trying to say here, is that this isn’t okay for ANYONE to do, whether its a woman to a man or a man to a woman. Rape shouldn’t be funny. You see this a lot, actually. That gif where the girl and guy are in some kind of argument and are both upset, and then the girl proceeds to slap/punch him multiple times, and then kiss him after, and it’s some kind of ‘romanticized’ cliche. It shouldn’t be romantic, it should be looked at just as if a guy punched a girl a few times in an argument and then tried to kiss her. It’s not good. It’s not, “Don’t punch me, because I’m a girl” It’s “Don’t punch me, because I’m a fucking human being.”

Also, on ‘The View’ when they talked about the case where the man got his dick chopped off by his crazy wife when he wanted a divorce and they proceeded to make fun at it. Imagine if a woman got her body mutilated by her crazy husband if she wanted a divorce.

Rape is never funny, and some people don’t seem to get that when the roles are switched and the male is being mistreated that it’s still wrong. I’m sorry if I’m letting the funny hype down and being some ‘asshole’ about ruining the joke, but I just don’t see this as funny. Rape is never funny. 


Preach it

hannibal buress

the Old God

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